Please Read the Following Important Policies of the Inn At Ocean Grove:

  • BOOKING FEE: 50% deposit
  • Minimum $75.00 service fee applies to all cancellations regardless of the cancellation date.
  • Charge the first night cost if cancelled within 30 days.
  • Charge the entire stay if canceled two weeks or less prior to your stay.
  • Giving your credit card number indicates you accept our cancellation policy.
  • CLEANING SERVICE: Our rooms offer daily partial cleanings with fresh towels daily.
  • CLEANLINESS: Guest shall maintain the rented premises in a clean and orderly condition. If we incur additional cleaning charges, we will add the amount to your rate.
  • DISTURBANCE: In consideration of neighbors and other guests, please do not knock on doors or ring doorbells. Instead, please direct inquiries or problems to the inn keepers by calling 732-775-8847. Guests shall not make any unlawful, noisy or otherwise offensive use of the rented premises, nor commit or permit any nuisance to exist thereon, nor cause damage to the rented premises, nor create any substantial interference with the rights, comfort, safety, or enjoyment to the owner or other guests. "Quiet time" is 10:00 p.m. as a courtesy to all of our guests.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: The inn keeper may enter the room/unit during the day or early evening when there is a concern for the unit and at any time when there is an emergency.
  • CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT Normal check in between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. If you need assistance with luggage drop-off or late pick-up, please contact the inn keeper. Check out time is 11:00 a.m. We will give late check outs if requested and if there are no guests scheduled to come in.
  • MINIMUM STAYS: A 2-night minimum in peak season May 13th thru September 15th. There is a 3-night minimum for all holidays.
  • MAXIMUM NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS: Your rate is based on the number of guests on your confirmation. Most rooms or units allow a limited number of occupants. Please contact the inn keeper for approval of extra guests and applicable charges ($50.00 per guest). Additional guests may be asked to leave, or your credit card may be charged for each night the additional guest occupies the room.
  • KEYS: Missing keys are a security issue. There is a $50 charge for any set of missing keys.
  • SMOKING AND PETS: Consideration is given to guests with allergies. Smoking and pets are not permitted in the Inn. Extra charges will be incurred if this policy is not honored. The charges are based on the fee for professional smoke cleaning services plus a fee for loss of business due to inability to rent to guests who have allergies.